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How to Prepare for Tax Season

Tax Preparation

Tax season will soon be here. Whether the taxpayer is paying taxes, or expecting a refund; organization will make the process of filing income taxes much less stressful. Buying an accordion organizer and labeling the sections according to specific needs will make the task less ardous. Keeping all tax forms in a section, medical and dental in a section, and other income in a section, will make tax paying time much less stressful.

As tax forms arrive in the mail, such as W-2′ s, 1099′s, SS-A’S, and K-1′ s, the tax filer should keep them together in a section an accordion organizer. This way, preparing for income tax season, everything will be in a central location. Before making an appointment with the accountant, or self-preparing; the tax filer can make sure all needed information is together. The taxpayer needs to check this periodically as forms come in the mail. If something is missing, it will take time to replace it, so the filer shouldn’t wait until the last minute.

Making copies of all forms for the accountant is also critical, just in case something is misplaced. All copies should be kept in a safe place that is easily accessible.

Know What is Required for Filing

When preparing taxes, or preparing to meet with an accountant, the tax filer will need:

  • Medical and dental records -including paid bills, health insurance premiums, mileage to/from medical services, health device information, and records from health savings accounts.
  • Interest paid or received, home mortgage interest (form 1098), investment interest, and student loan interest.
  • Other expenses, such as contributions, employee business expenses, income tax preparation fees, moving expenses, and tuition paid (form 1098) -all these items will need documentation as proof.
  • Other income -sales of investment properties, business income and expenses, rental property income and expenses, farming income and expenses, and gambling winnings.
  • Other items -purchase or sale of principal residence, energy saving items purchases, such as hybrid vehicles, and appliances; state funds received, and contributions to an type of state-offered parental savings fund.
  • If the filer a first time home buyer, he/she will need the HUD statement.

Organize for Filing Next Year

The taxpayer should get prepared for the future. He/She should buy a File Folder Calendar, and keep each month’s receipts in it. When he/she pays bills, makes bank deposits, gets paycheck stubs, receives copies of medical and dental bills -filing it in that month’s folder makes organization a breeze. The filer should set up a file drawer, or use a file box and store file folders by month. That way, the taxpayer will have easy access to information, and be totally organized and ready for next year’s tax season!



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